People who apply for South Hagginwood title loans do so for a number of reasons. They know that title loans in Sacramento, California aren’t just good for getting a person through a financial rough patch. With Sacramento being the state capital and the fastest-growing city in California, title loan borrowers often come to South Hagginwood Title Loans - that’s us - because they need the cash to jump on an opportunity.

Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you want to invest in a tech start-up in the city or perhaps, you’re about ready to start a semester at Sacramento State and you need to buy books.

And it goes without saying, that some people apply for title loans because they truly are facing a financial emergency of sorts. While some people who apply for title loans through South Hagginwood Title Loans do want the cash in order to jump on an opportunity, many also just need a bit of help getting through the rest of the month. Our auto title loans are good for that, too.

Fortunately for savvy borrowers like you, applying for and getting Sacramento title loans can be easy. If you’re in need of some cash right now, then continue reading.

You’ll find out what you need to have in order to qualify for a title loan, how to apply for a title loan, and even when you might get your cash should you be accepted.

What is a Title Loan?

How Sacramento car title loans work is pretty easy to understand. Basically, if you have a car with a title that’s free and clear of any liens against it, then you can use the title of that car to secure a loan.

Most people who apply for a loan in Sacramento usually do so through their bank or some other type of traditional financial institution. Many times, these loans require you to have a great credit rating and a long history of borrowing, (which usually goes hand-in-hand). These loans are called “signature loans,” which means your signature is your collateral.

Unfortunately for many borrowers, this just isn’t their reality. Sometimes, these would-be borrowers just don’t have enough of a work history to qualify for a regular loan.

Others have bad credit due to some unfortunate mishap in their lives, like a job loss or a chronic illness.

Title loans Sacramento level the playing field for people who don’t have the credit they need to get a loan any other way.

How to Apply for Sacramento Title Loans

Many times, applying for a loan can be a daunting process. However, our application software makes applying easy and pretty pain-free.

To apply, you’ll first go to our application page, where you’ll find a dropdown menu. That menu provides you with the form you need to fill out in order to qualify for a loan with South Hagginwood Title Loans.

The menu will prompt you for:

• The year of your vehicle (car, truck, minivan, etc.)
• The car’s make
• Model of the vehicle
• The style of the car
• The number of miles you have on the car

Once you have that, then you’ll get a quote back. This amount represents the amount of money we believe one of the lenders in our network will likely loan to you. We work with a number of very reputable outlets, and we have connected many people with the title loan they need by affiliating ourselves with this group of professionals.

Once that part is done, you’ll speak to a Sacramento auto title loans specialist, who can help you arrange the details of your loan and help you develop a payment plan that will work for you.

Finally, once we’ve gotten this worked out, you can pick up your money at a location that’s convenient for you. Sometimes, that’s a title loan office, though many times it can be a well-known store in your area. Usually, you can swing by on lunch or after work, grab your money, and go!

That said, it can also be arranged for the money to land directly into your bank account or to be sent to you via the USPS.

It’s that easy!

Title Loans in Sacramento vs. Payday Loans

Many people who apply for short-term loans, like title loans Sacramento believe that they are just like other loans of this type. (Think payday loans.) While there are many similarities, there are also some key differences that make borrowers opt for one over the other.

Payday loans typically require you to write a check that will be cashed at a later time - usually payday as the name implies. The amount of money you get from a payday loan is limited to your income. Your payment is also due two weeks from the time that you take out the loan.

If you need a larger amount of money, then you might be limited by what a payday loan can do for you. Typically, car title loans in Sacramento offer the borrower a bit of leeway. They don’t come due in two weeks, and often, they have a longer payback rate.

This allows borrowers to take more time to pay the loan back, which is more comfortable financially.


Final Thoughts on Title Loans Sacramento

Sacramento title loans allow you the borrower to secure the money you need when you need. You only need a vehicle title and a few minutes to fill out our form.

The money you receive can be used to make up a shortfall in your income. It can also be used to start a business or even pay for school. It’s really up to you. Best of all, you can apply today for the money and get it as soon as tomorrow. Why not apply now?